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gel it! LED/UV Starter 3 pc. Kit

SKU#: 39023

Includes everything you need to create the most durable, flattering gel It! gel nails your clients have ever worn. If you’re just introducing gels as a menu item, this kit is easy-to-use and perfect for gel nail startup.
FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY gel It! is a traditional gel system that has the finished look of a gel but the technical workability of an acrylic. Easy to apply and offers maximum adhesion, strength and durability that every client demands. gel It! is completely odorless making it ideal for day spa and salon environments requiring odorless products. It's completely color stable and will not yellow. Use in design, sculpting, overlay and tip overlay services. gel It! hard gel must be filed for removal. An inclusive gel kit that is must-have for every nail professional applying gel nails.


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