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GLO It! Display

SKU#: 66732

Transform any nail enhancement into glowing works of art with EzFlow's GLO It! Glow in the Dark Pigments. Simply mix the pure pigment powders into Acrylic, Dip Acrylic, Gel, Gel Polish or Lacquer to create a custom glow. Choose the illuminating shade then just follow the recommended ratio, mix and glow! Sculpted nails look beautiful by day, and after charging by artificial or natural light, illuminate by night. Features & Benefits: - Pigments work with Acrylic, Dip Acrylic, Gel Polish, Traditional Gels & Lacquers - Activates in Natural & Artificial Light Sources - Available in Six Glowing Shades - Customize the intensity of the Glo Effect by adjusting the Pigment Ratio
Mix Glo pigment with desired nail enhancement medium prior to application, following recommended ratio. Once blended, begin nail enhancement application. Recommended ratio: - Acrylic Powder / 3:1 - Dip Acrylic Powder / 3:1 - Gel Polish / 4:1 - Traditional Gel / 4:1 - Lacquer / 4:1


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